What is canyoning? Canyoning, known in the United States as "canyoneering", is the art of exploring canyons by descending into them abseiling and jumping waterfalls and cliffs, cascading down natural chutes and water slides, swimming through crystal clear pools and using special rope systems, such as flying foxs. This adventure takes place in a deep river gorge where the water has cut a path through the rock, creating countless waterfalls and deep pools. It's fun, it's exhilarating, and it's a wild journey in spectacular scenery of lush rainforest! There is usually a small amount of hiking required to access most courses, but once in the canyon, nearly 80% of the time is spent in the water. All equipment, (diving suit, helmet etc) is already included in the price. You only need to wear a swimsuit and some trekking or strong tennis shoes. Do I need experience? - No, all of our courses can be enojed by first time canyoners. We will teach you the all of necessary techniques for a safe descent during the tour. Do I have to be fit? - Only a moderate level of fitness is required. We have a gentle 30 minutes hike to the top of the canyon where we do some instruction prior to proceeding down. The descent is slow and non-strenuous but it is also fun and exhilarating! Where do we go? - Canyoning is possible nearby Orvieto (20 minutes by car). It is a "medium difficult" excursion with the presence of lakes and waterfalls. You need to be healthy, in good shape, and able to swim. As the canyon is empty during summer time, I will let you know more about the feasibility of the excursion beginning of June. The excursion lasts for 5 to 6 hours. Do tours run in bad weather? - Depends. We can run tours in a certain amount or rain, but it is likely that we will cancel tours in the event of heavy rain. If this occurs, we can give you the option of changin to a whitewater arfting tour, which will run in any weather.