What is caving? - Caving is the exploration of caves. It may not be the first time a cave has been entered but it might be exploration on a personal level by someone who has not been in that particular cave before. Caving usually involves being part of a group of cavers who often get as much fun out of being together as a group as being in the cave. It might mean helping each other through obstacles, sharing the wonder of a passage's beauty with others or just having a good sporting trip. What will I see in a cave? - Every cave is different, so every cave is a different adventure. In general, you can characterize a cave by the substance in which it is formed, for example, ice, lava, or limestone; however, this still will not describe all of the characteristics of the cave. Factors such as the location and quantity of water sources, the structure and composition of rock layers, and the proximity of fractures and fault zones all work together to produce many variations in how a cave is formed. Each cave is unique. In general, you can expect to see lots of rock and mud or sand, depending on whether the cave is dry or wet. Many caves have beautiful, multicolored rock or mineral formations or exhibit sculpting caused by the movement of underground streams over time. Others may contain items of historical significance: prehistoric petroglyphs or the remnants of saltpeter vats, moonshine stills, and waterworks. How long do you spend underground? - Depending on the cave a caving trip can last from 2 to 6 hours. Is it cold? - Temperatures in caves stay constant all year round (+12C). So regardless of the blistering heat/cold outside the cave will remain the same. Will there be lots of crawling? - Once again this depends on the cave. The entrance could be a crawl, but the rest of the cave could be wide open passage ways. Or the entrance could be a walk in entrance but parts of the cave can be crawling. Your guide will know every crawly part in the cave and inform you of it before you reach it. Do I have to know how to swim? - No, if the depth of the water is over your head then you probably should not be there! There are ways around high depths of water. I have never swam in a cave and dont plan to! Will there be climbing? - Possibly, not all caves have climbing, but some do. The caves were you are not practicing will have short climbs that can be completed without ropes. If it is high and dodgy looking your leader will belay you (tie you onto a rope and let you climb down). We also use ladders from time to time. Where do we go? - Nearby Orvieto (20 minutes by car) is possible caving. It is a "medium difficult" trip along a non-tourist cave. We are two options, the short excursion lasts for 3 to 4 hours (half day), good also for the youngest children, or the longer trek lasts for 5 to 6 hours (full day). All the equipment you need is included in the price. Caving (half day) is also possible at the nearby Cascata delle Marmore Terni (20 minutes by car), it is a relatively easy excursion lasts for 2 to 4 hours (also for the youngest children). All the equipment you need is included in the price. Heavy shirts, pile, trousers, trekking shoes / strong tennis shoes, wear and shoes clean are recommended. Do tours run in bad weather? - Yes.