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Torgiano is situated on a small hill at the confluence of the Chiascio and Tiber Rivers. It is located 14 km south of Perugia on the edge of the middle Tiber Valley and at the foot of the hills that makeup the last offshoots of the Martani Mountains.
A good road system, the E45, connects Torgiano and the localities of Brufa and Pontenuovo with Perugia, Assisi, Foligno, Bevagna and Todi. The position and appearance demonstrate its importance as a defense outpost. The fortifications have characteristics common to the Umbrian defense structures of the XIII and XIV centuries - the order of walls and towers and the plan of the castle are based on the configuration of the land.
The passageways dug into the banks of the compact sandstone and consolidated clay which still run underground, were in later times used as winecellars for the houses, parish church and palaces that stood above them. Significant traces of the ancient city wall are still visible and the Guard Tower is well preserved.

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