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In the middle of the Artanavaz Valley, the town of Etroubles includes either the lands at East of the river, with their conifer-woods, and the western part, with the numerous tiny villages situated even at 1600 mt of altitude. The chief town of this area (at 1299 m) is set in a large, green and sunny valley: if you are on the way from Aosta, you will have an astonishing view, with it appearing suddenly just after going through a narrow gorge near Echevennoz.
Known already during ancient Roman Empire with the name of Restapolis, Etroubles was the winter garrison residence before the mountain pass of Mont Jovis, now called Gran San Bernardo. From here passed Napoleon with his army on the way to Marengo.
What to visit - First of all the interesting medieval remains of the roman church-tower of the XV c., the Vachery Tower (XIII c.) situated in the Vachery village, just north of Etroubles.
Out of curiosity - In the high altitude valleys of Menowe is a vegetal typical of sub-artical moorlands, the Loiseleurfa Procumbens, a heath very common in Lapland, Iceland and Greenland.
Skiing and Cross-country skiing - The cross-country skiing route leaves from troubles, a 18 km long route around Gran S.Bernardo and touching the villages of Saint-Oyen and Saint-Rhmy-en-Bosses, with a difference of level of 200 m (from 1300 to 1500 m). In Etroubles is a night skiing route (1 km long); furthermore there is a skilift "Paquier" covering a distance of 400 m and a difference of level of 150 m. For lovers of Alpine Skiing Etroubles offers interesting tracks, such as Monte Paglietta (2476 m), Col d'Annibal (2992 m), the suggestive out-track down slope Col Menouve, reachable from the Swiss side of the mountain by cable-way serving all the ski-area of Super Saint Bernard. The ski-slope is entirely in Italy, is 10 km long and a difference of level of 1500 m.

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