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At about 8 km from Aosta, along the public way to Gran San Bernardo, you can meet the first town of the Mountain Comunity of Grand Gombin, Gignod; it is set on a splendid sunny position at East of river Buthler. The many tiny villages belonging to this town area (25 in total) are spread around the Punta Chaligne and vary from the 785 mt height of Variney to the 1409 of Buthler.
What to visit In Gignod, the chief town, is the Church of Sant'Ilario built in XV c. and still in a perfect state. Inside there are probably one of the most important cycles of frescoes of this region dating back to the XV c. In the sacristy there is a small exhibition of Holy Art. Ouside there is a beautiful Church Tower built between 1481 and 1436 from the Architect Yolli de Wuetto di Gressoney. The Town Library has 8000 books.
Feta di Teteun Every year, in the second half of August, there is in Gignod the traditional Feta di Teteun, a gastronomical event dedicated to the Teteun, a delicious sausage typical of this place, made with cow's breath.
Rock-climbing, Golf, Ptanque, Tennis and other If you love rock-climbing there is a fully equipped center in Montiquitay. In winter and springtime you can ski on the slopes of the deep valley of Arsy.
Summer walks In summer you can have very suggestive walks up the Punta Chaligne (2608 m), the Cresta Tardiva (2380 m) and the Mont Fallre (3061 m) north of Arsy valley.

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