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At an altitude of 1,619 metres, Saint-Rhémy-en-Bosses is the last inhabited town of Gran San Bernardo Valley. Up here, the ferruginous waters of the Fonte di Citrin spring are renowned; they descend from the 1,800 metres altitude of the valley of the same name to gush forth in the town from the fountain located in the town hall square. In ancient times, there was a Roman "mansio" in the area, a stop-off point for travellers.
From here, in a splendid landscape, crossing a gorge thick with conifers and following the line of the ancient Roman road, a road leads to the Colle del Gran San Bernardo. Having always been a location of transit, the town’s economy is closely related to the Gran San Bernardo Pass, which has been functioning since March 1964.

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