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The highest spot in the valley is a holiday resort at 1723 metres in the Gran Paradiso National Park, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame in summer has plenty of possibilities of relaxation: quiet walks, long excursions which reach the highway n. 2 in the Aosta Valley ant the possibility of crossing into the Val Soana (Piedmont) and Val d'Isere (Savoy). Climbers have at their disposal the sport climbing ways of Granta Parey. To nature lovers, Rhêmes-Notre-Dame keeps a park visiting centre and above all, the possibility of watching directly fauna and flora, besides the geologic aspect of the area (canyon and the caracteristic erosion of calcareous areas).
Rhêmes-Notre-Dame in winter is the paradise for skiing lovers: it provides cross-country runs for kilometres as well as downhill runs, both suitable for beginners and for experienced snow board fans. Peaks and the surrounding straths are particulary soght aker by ski touring and downhill fans. In fact, it's possible to follow routes winding up huge glaciers to the border of the French National Park La Vanoise or summits dominating Rhêmes-Notre-Dame, like the one of Entrelor where the classic competition of Trofeo Rollandoz is held. But winter is also a good season either to watch nature, maybe through the traces left on the snow by the fauna of the Gran Paradiso National Park of or to taste the gastronomic specialities proposed by restaurants and hotels of the place.

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