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The position of Saint-Nicolas (at an altitude of 1200 metres) is the first attraction of this lovely spot, placed an a terrace along the winding Dora Baltea river. From there you can get a view an Mount Gran Paradiso which takes your breath away, but it's also a precious lonely spot, a more and more appreciated peculiarity, by people looking for peaceful holidays.
At Saint-Nicolas, summer is the occasion for numberless walks and trips along easy paths and for naturalistic observations in the area of Bois De La Tour (Tower wood), a wood provided with natural-paths, accessible even to blind people, through didactic panels fitted up with explanations in Braille. In this wood it's even possible to carry out an activity of orienteering.
This place is also abbat Jean-Baptiste Cerlogne's birthplace, the first person to codify the local language. In order to defend and spread the "patois", a French-Provenqal dialect, and the values it expresses, just in Saint-Nicolas the famous centre of studies "Ren Willien" is operating.
In winter Saint-Nicolas changes into a paradise for cross-country skiers with its run going up an undulating ground which extends from the inhabited place to the Bois De La Tour.
Moreover the run is illuminated, and this allows skiing by night in an enchanted atmosphere. But in Saint-Nicolas skiing also means ski hiking and ski touring. Its slight slopes which go up towards the watershed of the Gran San Bernardo valley, provide a lot of easy runs, while the highest summits can he reached using skis with sealskins.
At the end of these healthy and spectacular excursions, restaurants and hotels suggest to meet with the dishes of the local gastronomy, This is also the season to wander from village to village looking for some wooden object prepared by craftsmen.

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