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Not far from Aosta, a smiling village stretches an the level bottom of the Dora Baltea river (650 m), surrounded by a medieval castle: this is the most surprising aspect df Saint-Pierre.
But there's another castle on the border of the built-up area. So, history is the main trace of this fine spot surrounded by luxuriant apple-orchards and vineyards an the rocks, and dominated by the majestic ice pyramid of Mount Grivola, one of the magic peaks of Gran Paradiso. History and culture here are important holiday attractions, summed up in the Regional Natural Sciences Museum lodged in the main castle. Completely different, on the contrary, for what concerns paragliding, a sport activity which can be done at Vetan, at an altitude of 1700 metres.
Saint-Pierre offers a particular gastronomical tradition in its restaurants and hotels, where menus, including dishes based on rennets are suggested together with DOG wine.
The central position of Saint-Pierre and its connection to the international motorway net which crosses the Alps through the tunnels of Mount Blanc and Gran San Bernardo, make of this spot an ideal place for those who want to know the Gran Paradiso valleys and the whole heritage of the Region.
Who chooses Saint-Pierre for his holiday has a lot of chances: the quiet af the close valleys, the liveliness of famous skiing resort, the absorbed visit of a museum, the local gastronomic tradition, these are only same of them.

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