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There are four valleys in the area: the Valgrisenche, the Valley of Rhmes, the Valsavarenche and Cogne Valley. The last three are partly included in the territory of the Gran Paradiso National Park, with information centres at Dgioz, Rhmes-Notre-Dame and Cogne.
From the vineyards on the banks of the Dora Baltea river to the iced peak of Gran Paradiso, the highest mountain completely Italian: this is the synthesis of the land in the communes of Arvier, Avise, Introd, Rhemes-Notre-Dame, Rhemes- Saint-Georges, Saint-Nicolas, Saint-Pierre, Valgrisenche, Valsavarenche, Villeneuve. It's a territory which extends either on the right or on the left side of the central furrow of the Aosta Valley, reaching on one side the region of Piedmont and France and on the other the Gran San Bernardo valleys and Mount Blanc. The most important summer attractions are represented by the numberless walks and excursions, climbs, horse trekkings, free climbings, but also by the activities on rivers, such as rafting and kayak, or paragliding, cultural visits and gastronomy: in a word, everything concerning nature, art, culture and sport.
In winter the territory of the communes of Arvier, Avise, Introd, Rhmes-Notre- Dame, Rhmes-Saint-Georges, Saint-Nicolas, Saint-Pierre, Valgrisenche, Valsavarenche, Villeneuve is ideal for snow sports, starting from cross-country skiing to ski touring. The cross-country runs, among the most beautiful in the Region are often chosen by champions for their trainings and they allow the best known national or international competitions. Those who prefer downhill skiing find their suitable place, mostly for beginners and families with children. The ski touring fans can reach lonely vales crowded with steinbocks and chamois and have at their disposal fantastic tracks on the glaciers of Gran Paradiso. Those who are fond of nature, at last, can penetrate into the woods of the park wearing snowshoes, looking for fauna spoors. Everybody can enjoy the refined gastronomy based on traditional dishes and DOC wines from vineyards which strive their space along the rocks of the mountains.

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