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This is the Vallis Tornenchia named after an ancient village, Torgnon. Valtournenche is a 27 km long rocky divide, with a basin 10 km across at its widest point. Furrowed by the Marmore stream, and by the road beside, it is bounded by many large spurs; the first is the natural boundary with Valpelline: this is the range that descends, from the Dent d'Hérens beyond Les Jumeaux, to the Becca di Luseney. To the West, the Becca d'Aver separates the Valtournenche from the valley of St.Barthélemy; to the East, the mountain range which originates at the higher col of the Cime Bianche and ends at the Joux Pass, marks the separation with the Ayas valley.

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