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High mountain region - The Grand Paradis massif, nested between the Aosta Valley and the Piemont, owes its unity to the common nature and civilization that generated it. Its tourist fame is due to the magnificent and unspoilt landscape: the crystal mountains (granite, gneiss, micaschist) whose highest points (Grand Paradis, 4061 m) form glaciers on the northern faces. The summit (Gran Paradis), situated just about in the centre of the massif, is the only peak higher than 4000 m which lies entirely on Italian territory. Other peaks are equally prestigious such as the Grivola, the Grand Saint-Pierre, the Ciarforon. Long valleys were digged by glaciers in prehistorical timea: north towards the Aosta Valley, Rhmes, Valsavarenche and Cogne; south towards the Piedmont, Orco, Ribordone and Soana. They rarely descend to less than 1000 m, their steep sides covered with forests where resinous trees predominate (firtree, larch). They are surrounded by pastures. At the bottom of the valley there are several villages founded from time immemorial.
The main responsibility of the Park is to safeguard and study the area around the peak of the Gran Paradiso. We invite you to explore this extraordinary area in all its aspects. If you wish to search for chamois, ibex and the many other secrets of the Park, we would like to give you the following advice: - walk leisurely along the footpaths, breathing the fresh air - explore the area along the nature trails, enjoying the colours and scents of the alpine flowers and the exceptional scenery - find out more at the visitor centres, alpine gardens and museums - photograph the wildlife without getting too close to the animals, who have only a few months before the arrival of winter to build up the reserves of fat that enable them to survive the winter without difficulty - admire the architecture and local traditions - enjoy the traditional cuisine and local produce. The Park surroundings are unique and delicate and it is easy to cause irreparable damage. You are the guest of nature and of an age-old culture and therefore we ask you to observe the Park Regulations. The park wardens are employed to ensure that these regulations are respected - please dont force them to act.