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Courmayeur in the summer: the capital of mountain climbing and hiking. Dominated by the magnificent Mont Blanc mountain chain with its 50 km length and its numerous peaks, crests, cliffs and glaciers, Courmayeur represents for the afficcionados of alpinism and hiking the best concentration offered in the Alps. In fact, there are many marked hiking trails, which range from a walk at the valley bottom in Veny Valley and Ferret Valley, all the way to difficult routes at highaltitudes, and limitless possibilities for scaling the massif of Mont Blanc, with paths of rock and ice amongst the most spectacular, moving, and difficult in the whole alpine chain. The complex of trails and principal routes are complemented by 11 shelters and 15 bivouacs. The most covetted goal is surely the legendary peak of Mont Blanc at 4.810 m accessible by a route of medium difficulty also for the non-experts /byt in shape!) accompanied by alpine guides from the Courmayeur Association of Guides.