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Pré-Saint-Didier is a small touristic town in the heart of the Valdige, 1.000 metres above sea-level, mild and dry climate, a popular destination for tourists of all ages.
A splendid view of Monte Bianco and its chains can be admired from the centre and outskirts of the town. Situated in the heart of Valdigne, Pré-Saint-Didier is a starting point for numerous walks in the green of the Aosta valley and of Valdigne in particular. A famous waterfall, ravine, with its wild and evocative beauty, is a popular destination for those who wander beyond the edges of the Dora Verney which originates from the Rutor glacier.

The springs of Pré-Saint-Didier are located upstream of the confluence of the River Verney with Dora Baltea. The water emerges from the ground inside an artificial cave, situated at the bottom of Gorge di Pré-Saint-Didier (Gouffre de Pré-Saint-Didier), carved by the waters of the Dora di Varney. Even back in ancient times, the waters of Pré-Saint-Didier were famous for their soothing properties. These can be explained by the low mineralization; the waters are also regenerating thanks to the iron content, and anti-rheumatic thanks to the moderate radio-activity.

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