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The Euganean baths: the largest spa area in the sector
The waters of the Euganean thermal basin belong to the category of deep subterranean waters, characterized by very high temperatures. It was long thought that the reason for this was the residual volcanic activity of the area. Nowadays, a more probable and well-established interpretation proposes a new model that explains both the origin of the waters and their heat. According to this model, water comes from the high catchment basin of the calcareous Lessini Hills and, through fissures in the rock, reaches a depth of 3,000-4,000 m, where even large masses may be heated.
The waters of this underground river, kept at high temperature and pressure, flow for about 80 kilometres over an average period of 25-30 years, emerging in Euganean territory as constantly available thermal waters. They are chemically classified as hyperthermal bromine waters containing sodium chloride and sodium iodide. Their solid residues, i.e., the amount of dissolved salts, at 180C, are 5-6 grams/litre.
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