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Balneotherapy: warm water, and its well-known benefits.
Immersion in a liquid environment is a primitive experience for every human being. This is what a thermal bath is: bodily immersion in a very comfortable pool containing hot, ozone-enriched thermal water. Ozone bubbles ensure an intense vaso-dilating action, the beneficial effects of which stimulate blood circulation. The thermal bromine water used for balneotherapy, containing sodium chloride and sodium iodide, has a temperature of 36-38C.
A balneotherapy session lasts for about 15 minutes, for a total of 12 baths - one a day - and is almost always followed and completed by mud therapy. The effects of a thermal bath are connected both to the mechanical influences and hydrostatic pressure of water (return venous circulation, muscle relaxation, stimulation of tactile receptors and pressors in the skin) and to its physical-chemical characteristics. Hormonal, biochemical and neurovegetative stimuli linked to the chemical composition of mineral waters complete and amplify full recovery of wellbeing and the proper functions of the body's locomotor system, skin, and blood circulation.
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