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Hydrokinesitherapy makes use of the chemical and physical properties of water for therapeutic purposes, and is applied in various branches of rehabilitation: orthopaedics, traumatology, rheumatology, and neurology. Immersion in a thermal pool, thanks to the temperature and specific chemical composition of its water, allows gentle, gradual recovery of muscular tone: the initial steps in physical rehabilitation may be carried out with limited effort, and quick, visible results. Lightened by 90% of its weight, the body can carry out the necessary exercises with far less effort and achieve positive results in a very short time.
The results are relief from pain and muscular spasms, greatly improved joint mobility, possibility of walking, and functional independence. Hydrokinesitherapy is natural and effective, suitable for the rehabilitation and maintenance not only of the functions of the locomotor system but also for rapid recovery of strained or traumatized joints.
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