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Thermal Mud - Skilled, mature mingling of nature and experience
The thermal mud of the Euganean basin is a blend of three components, solid (natural clay), hydromineral (mineral waters), and biological (micro-organisms and organic matter). In-depth studies, mostly carried out by the Centro Studi Termali Veneto Pietro d'Abano, show that a maturation period is necessary for warm mud to acquire definite therapeutic properties. Maturation takes place in special tanks, and lasts for 50-60 days, during which thermal water constantly flows over the mud at a temperature of about 60C.
A typical non-pathogenic thermophilous microbial community (especially micro-algae like diatoms) develops during this maturation process, giving rise to extensive physical-chemical modifications in the mud, and enriching it with valuable and highly anti-inflammatory active principles. The spa hotels which are members of the Centro StudiTermaliVeneto "Pietro d'Abano" are also registered with the O.T.P. (Permanent Thermal Observatory), a monitoring network organized by the University of Padova, to check the maturation and quality of thermal mud.
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