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Mud Therapy and Osteoporosis

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Mud Therapy and Osteoporosis
Bone is a complex tissue made up of several types of cells that keep the bone structure constantly renewed, by means of alternating processes of reabsorption, deposition, and mineralization. After the age of 40, bone mass reduction is considered a paraphysiological process, associated with a state of imbalance between bone reabsorption and deposition. In women, this lack of proper balance may further worsen in the post-menopausal period, thus favouring the onset of osteoporosis. It has been demonstrated that mud balneotherapy can modulate the circulating levels of some substances that influence bone tissue metabolism, helping it to find a new equilibrium. This is one reason why a stay at a thermal spa hotel may be indispensable for improved psycho-physical well-being.
A stay at the Euganean baths informs visitors and arouses their interest in following simple diet and hygiene rules which may become habits: the importance of calcium uptake and the benefits of moderate but constant physical activity. Diet is kept under control, and there are daily physical exercises, particularly in warm pools. All these elements aim at providing better quality of life and sufficient independence to live in one's own home in a psycho-physical condition of well-being. Mud and therapy: when, how, and for how long. Sessions provide for 12 treatments - one a day -each lasting for about 20 minutes, at a temperature of 39-40C. Thermal mud is applied to the joints, as indicated in the medical record compiled by the doctor in charge of the thermal spa during the compulsory medical examination for admittance and suitability for thermal treatment.
Balneotherapy lasts for l2-15 minutes, at a temperature of 38-39C. The two fundamental stages are: reaction, during which the body indulges in the necessary (and extremely pleasant!) period of relaxation after the mud treatment, and massage, an integral part of the treatment, devoted to stimulation of skin level circulation.
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