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Inhalation Therapy
The best protection against respiratory diseases. The number of respiratory diseases is constantly rising, partly as a consequence of worsened environmental conditions (exposure to pollution, active and passive smoking, etc.). Acute respiratory tract infections are known to be the most frequent causes of infectious diseases and the primary reason for antibiotic prescriptions; chronic respiratory mucous inflammation not only prevents the respiratory system from functioning correctly but also favours new acute infectious stages. Inhalation therapy is traditionally adopted and appreciated in the treatment of upper and lower respiratory tract diseases.
The particles present in mineral waters are finely pulverized by special machines, thus making thermal water excellent for the treatment of long-lasting pathologies of the lower respiratory tract (e.g., chronic bronchitis) and for preventing other pathologies from becoming chronic. Administering the bromine water containing sodium chloride and sodium iodide, typically found in the Euganean thermal basin, achieves the following therapeutic goals:
- antiseptic action;
- stimulating influence on the ciliary system;
- fluidification of mucous secretions;
- normalization of respiratory mucus characteristics;
- reduction of non-physiological microbiological components
All these are excellent reasons why thermal water is such good protection against respiratory tract diseases and an aid in preventing further acute infectious stages.
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