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Art and culture - Besides the fairy-tale landscape surrounding it, the first thing to be admired by visitors, Cortina has many picturesque and fascinating corners that contain its history and that of the majestic Dolomites. At the centre of the town rises the ancient Parish Church, founded in 1208 and dedicated to the saints Philip and James. It's existence was already documented in the X century, but the building we see today is the result of a reconstruction carried out in the XVII century. The church's interior contains a prestigious artistic patrimony: the seventeenth-century wooden altar by the sculptor Andrea Brustolon and the paintings by the local artists Giuseppe Zanchi, and Luigi and Giuseppe Ghedina. Cortina is dominated by the church belfry, a majestic structure dating back to the mid-nineteenth century: in fact, the belfry we can today admire was built in 1858 to replace the previous one, in danger of falling down. Its construction cost a lot both in money and time: it is 76 metres high and ends in a point surmounted with a golden ball and a cross.