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One of the main attractions of the wonderful valley of Cortina d'Ampezzo is formed by a network of minor roads and footpaths which, starting outside the town, lead up to the foot of the Dolomite rock walls, penetrating then into the heart of the most famous mountain groups.
The total length of this system amounts to 300 km, and it is possibte for anybody to follow these roads, which are all marked and in excellent condition.
The Cortina Group of Alpine Guides organises, in summer, daily excursions, also in groups, for children and adults; the same guides accompany expert climbers on the various prepared rock itineraries.
Cable-car tines and chair-tifts, and also a number of alpine huts appropriately located, facilitate access to the summits and to the most attractive high-altitude itineraries, offering wonderful views of the Dolomites and the Central Alps.