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The collection donated to the Regole dAmpezzo by Mario Rimoldi and Rosa Braun is certainly the most remarkable in Italy; it is now accompanied by a catalogue which illustrates all the works in the collection, both in black and white and in colour. It is enough to consider that the Collectionist took just two decades to put together some of the most important paintings of particular value: 3 Cadorin, 6 Campigli, 2 Carr, 5 Cesetti, 11 De Chirico, 53 De Pisis (amongst paintings and drawings), 30 De Zanna, 5 Garbari, 4 Guidi,2 Guttuso, 3 Martini, 4 Morandi, 4 Music, 4 Ravenna, 6 Rosai, 2 Savinio, 2 Severini, 2 Soffici, 32 Sironi, 9 Tomea, 8 Tosi, 5 Viani.