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Brief History - The town of Cortina d'Ampezzo is of remote origin, although reports date back only to the first century AD. It was settled long ago by the Romans and, after the invasions by Lombards and Franks, the area of Ampezzo became one of the ten hundreds making up Cadore. As of the XI century and throughout the Middle Ages, the fates of Ampezzo and Cadore were closely linked, as they were both first under the rule of the Patriarchy of Aquileia and then of the Republic of Venice (as of the XV century). Following battles between the imperial troops of Maximilian of Hapsburg and those of the Serenissima, Cortina came under Austrian rule in 1516, at the same time definitively separating itself from the Magnificent Community of Cadore, in the foundation of which it had taken part in 1338. Already in the mid-nineteenth century, Cortina began its development as a tourist location, thanks to the opening in 1830 of the Alemagna road, connecting Innsbruck to Venice. Cortina was dependent on Vienna until the First World War: in 1918 the Austrian-Hungarian army was defeated on the Grappa and Piave fronts and the Italians finally managed to penetrate the territory of Ampezzo. After the Second World War Cortina underwent remarkable urban and touristic development, especially thanks to the Winter Olympics in 1956, because for that occasion the sports structures were considerably enlarged.