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World Heritage Site UNESCO

Lagole is a vast thermal area immersed in the green woods and reachable only by way of pleasant and shaded tracks: a relaxing and corroborating stroll among the pines in fact leads to the "Little Lake of the Tose", fed by mineral water sources arising from the bowels of the earth, that appear and then disappear suddendly and mysteriously. This water has therapeutic properties valuable for treatment of numerous ailments: in fact, if taken as a drink, it stimulates the stomach's activity and cures light liver ailments, it is also diuretic and slightly laxative.
If utilized for mud treatments or baths, it helps treat osteo-articular and muscular-tendinous pathologie. Popular tradition attributes to it cicatrising properties, so it is excellent for curing wounds and skin ailments, as well as being, it is whispered, an aphrodisiac. Naturally, in order to derive the greatest benefit from it, one should follow the treatments in loco, since the water, once held in any container what so ever, loses a part of its beneficial mineral components.

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