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World Heritage Site UNESCO

With its contribution of spectacular views of mountains, valleys and wooded areas, Belluno and its surroundings complete the multifaceted scenic reality of the Veneto. And, as is true for all of the Veneto, Belluno and its encompassing province offer a combination of tradition and beautiful architecture firmly steeped in ancient history. The confluence of the Piave River with the stream known as the Ardo gives birth to the flood plain which hosts Belluno: a sort of "pennisula" from which we can enjoy dramatic views first of the waters and then of the mountains.Belluno. As we thread our way through age-old squares we climb and descend streets which sometimes intersect with the beautiful Via Mezzaterra. While admiring charming arcades and ancient fountains with typical pyramid or conical shapes, we are made aware of the bountiful monumental and artistic heritage of Belluno.
The plateau of Alpago, dotted with tiny towns full of original and unimpaired architecture; the bright and sprawling Val Belluna; Cadore, the birthplace of Titian, an area whose peaks are among the most breathtaking of the Italian Alps, these are enticing parts of the province's whole, places where restful vacations may also become "learned" stays through the discovery of fascinating historical and artistic patrimonies.

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