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Castelnuovo del Garda is located on the south-eastern morainic hills of Lake Garda and is rich of historical remains, from the crenel-lated tower memory of the ancient castle, to Villa Sella dating back to the XV century and to the Parish Church (1793-1830), where an altar-piece of F. Brusasorci is to be found. Its hamlets as well offer some historical views.
In Cavalcaselle there is the ancient nobiliary Villa Arvedi D'Emilei (XVII and XVIII centuries) and a Parish Church with frescoes dating back to the XVIII century; in Sandr there is the neoclassical Villa Il Soletto and the Church of Sant'Andrea.
Castelnuovo del Garda, at the core of the production area of very fine wines, is placed on a territory rich in theme and fun parks and among them the most famous of Italy: Gardaland.

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