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The Mont Baldo - Ample proof of the richness of flora can be found by exploring the mountainside of the Baldo chain: you pass through stretches of olive trees, laurels and holm-oak trees (ilex), large-leaved trees, pine trees as well as flowers and plants of the Alpine pastures. Mount Baldo owes its fame not only to the wealth of its nature and the singularity and the variety of its flora, it is also of interest from an anthropic point of view, as there are many remnants bearing witness to its past history. Forming a long ridge it separates the Adige Valley (Val Lagarina) from Lake Garda. These are the main factors which make Mount Baldo, with its typical Pre-Alpine limestone formation, so popular. This chain consists of a pratically solid block 35 Km long, it splits up into a succession of peaks at an average height of 2.000 to 2.200 metres, giving it a crested appearance. In the course of time various climatic changes occurred in the Padano-Alpine region, thus allowing different species of plants to establish themselves there; this explains the abundance of the different species of plants that coexist there and yet originate in such diverse climatic zones and altitudes. It is easy to understand why such a wealth and variety amazed botanists in the last century, even some unknown species were discovered there; this explains why many flowers (approx.20) have "Baldense" as part of their name (ie: Anemone Baldensis T., Galium Baldense Spr etc.). Lake Garda is rich in marine life, its most prized fish is the "Carpione" (a kind of carp) belonging to the Salmonidae family; it feeds on plankton. Other important species indigenous in the lake are: trout, pike, whitefish, trench, barbel, eel, allice shad (a type of pilchard) and bleak.

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