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Tourism and religion - There are many antique churches of interest to the visitor, due to the architectural styles and the precious works of art or simply for reasons of worship with particular emphasis on the Mariolatry. The most popular sanctuaries are: Madonna della Corona of Spiazzi on Mount Baldo and Madonna del Frassino of Peschiera. Sanctuary of the Madonna della Corona is generally regarded as the most "daring" point of prayer in Italy, as it requires courage to get there. Perched like an eagle's nest at a height of about 800 m against the sheer western rockface of Mount Baldo overlooking the Adige Valley, the sanctuary can be reached via Spiazzi following the country lane from Caprino. A place of worship since medieval times with residents monks from the Monastery of San Zeno in Verona, the sanctuary passed into the hands of the holy order of the Knights of Malta in 1434. According to a legend this statue of the Madonna, depicted with her dead son, escaped from the island of Rhodes, which had fallen into the hands of the Turks in 1522, by flying all the way to Mount Baldo. The building complex dedicated to the Madonna del Frassino (Peschiera) dates back to the years following 1510, the year in which, it is said, the Madonna appeared in an ash (11th May) to a shepherd boy. Hence the name of the apparition and the sanctuary entrusted to the Franciscan Order of the Padri Francescani Minori. In 1848 the monastery, having been used for different purposes after the Napoleonic decree of 1801, which suppressed all religious institutions, became the headquarters of the Piedmontese army. It was, in fact, the sanctuary bells which announced the victory to the inhabitants of the area whose homeland had been turned into a fierce battleground. But it was not until after the Peace Treaty of Villafranca that the Franciscans once again took possession of the sanctuary on November 16th, 1898.

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