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Garda Bresciano cuisine - The ancient olive groves characterise the landscape with their gnarled, skinny trees covering the sloping rocks down towards the lake. Producers obtain an excellent extravirgin olive oil from the most typical variety of Lake Garda's olives, which is available in local restaurants and for direct sale. The oil is a healthy product whose characteristics compare favourably with many others: a low oleic acid content, delicate flavour, high digestibility. However the citrus fruit groves are the most unmistakeable feature of the "Alto Garda Bresciano" Regional Park, whose characteristic structures brought wealth and recognition to these areas. Nowadays the citrus fruit is only cultivated by amateurs for demonstration purposes. In autumn many delicious mushroom varieties grow among the vegetation of the high hills and mountains and in the chestnut, beech and fir woods, such as: Boletus Edulis (Cep, Porcini), Lactarius Deliciosus (Saffron Milk Cap), Cantharellus Cibarius (Chantarelle), Russula Delica (Milk-white Russula), Lepiota Procera (Parasol mushroom) and others. In the very mountainous parts you can also find the hard and mature local cheeses and precious products of the earth, which are truffles. The most noted types of edible truffles, from the precious black truffle to the summer and winter ones grow here naturally and recently on truffle farms too. They are used to enrich the local cuisine, which may also occasionally offer some carp, the most noble and only endemic lake Garda fish. These rare products are offered in the simple gastronomic tradition which highlights qualities and flavours of food by using the abundant Mediterranean aromatic herbs from the riviera. Most of all in Sal the food industry has managed to obtain a number of interesting traditional produce such as the unmistakeable citron water, citron syrup and citron flavoured chocolates.

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