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Garda Trentino cuisine - The mild climate and the intense light that characterise Garda Trentino, that is, its Mediterranean side, have created a cuisine with a strong personality. Even the name of the area, "Garda Trentino", indicates how the local gastronomy is capable of alternating lacustrine flavors with the traditional dishes of the mountain communities. Garda Trentino offers a great number of occasions for making your stay a pleasant and complete one, also through the variety of its wines. Unique are the plums grown in Dro, the broccoli from Torbole, the chest-nuts from Drena, the Vin Santo wine. Here cannot lack lake fish: carp, trout, or the whitefish which lately abounds in the lake.
Finally, it is not possible forget to taste the typical dishes: the carne salada (pickled beef) better if tasted with a little olive oil from Garda and the Zisam (fish with onions). Although one of the distinctive traits of the area is the olive tree, oil produced here has received the mark "D.O.P." (Denomination of Protected Origin), there are numerous other products that characterise the traditional cuisine of Garda Trentino. The farms and pastures surrounding Upper Garda's mountains produce traditional local cheeses as well as Trentino Grana cheese. Last but not least, grappa: the distillate of ancient origins, today enhanced by a great aroma and lightness. The fine wines, the lake fish, the meat and especially the "carne salada" form the basis of every dish served in small traditional "trattorias", elegant restaurants that overlook the lake and characteristic pubs of the area.
All of these components, blended with the passionate will of the chefs, have given rise to a type of cuisine with its own precise features, coherent with its origins but at the same time modern and varied, fully capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates. It is both healthy, thanks to the ingredients used, and dietetic, thanks to the light and highly digestible delicacies it employs.

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