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From Garda to Baldo: two blues. A blue and a green, a blue and white: leaving the shores of the Lake at Malcesine, climbing one thousand eight hundred metres to the mountain ridge.
Looking down over the Mediterranean vegetation, the timbe woods, the high pastures and Winter snows. And in the background, the long, endless horizon of the Lake.

The cableway is divided into two sections: the first, Malcesine - San Michele is 1512 m in length and covers a difference in height of 463 m; the second, San Michele - Mount Baldo is 2813 m in length and covers a difference in height of 1187 m.
The most important new feature of this cableway, and one that makes it totally unique throughout the world, is the cabin on the second section, which rotates on itself to give passengers a 360 view, as well as the sensation that they are flying.
The notable total difference in altitude (1650 m) is covered in a section of 4325 m, completed in just 10 minutes.

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