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The Veneto, which is mainly an agricultural region, has seen in particular the development of small and medium size companies, craft-based industries and the service sector. These have reached advanced levels and this without disturbing the delicate balance between man and nature. Architecture, urban planning, welfare organisations and development projects have all benefited from centuries of government philosophy based on the widest possible popular consent and aimed at protecting human dignity and freedom. Between the 16th and the 18th centuries, hundreds of villas, designed by the most famous architects of the time, were built in the region. This contributed to the process of reclamation and improvement of previously uncultivate land, helping to protect it from the ravages of the waters which surround it. The Veneto should also be seen as a region shaped by waters which continue to provide a livelihood for many. Just like coral reefs, the sea and the lagoon formed the swampy mud banks on which Venice is built and into that same sea and lagoon flow the rivers and streams which descend from the mountains and meander across the plain, bringing their vital waters with them. No less than 120 km of uninterrupted benches extend along this stretch of the Adriatic coast.
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