From your room the up-to-date health spa can be reached by two scenic lifts. Friendly and experienced personnel will guide our guests during the course of their treatment. Mud packs, spa baths, various types of massages, physiotherapy, use of inhalers, aerosols and caverns with spa water vapour are some examples of the treatments we offer. All treatment is received under the supervision of a doctor, so as to guarantee its correct use and maximum effectiveness.
Therapeutic effect. Mud pack sessions produce a therapeutic beneficial result by means of anti-inflammatory, resolvent, pain-relief, muscle relaxation processes and tonics. Main symptoms. Recurring inflammation, rheumatic disorders, osteopathy, post-trauma effects and respiratory disorders. Health and beauty. In the beauty parlour qualified beauticians are at your disposal to give you advice and offer you a vast selection of treatments, the beneficial properties of the mud have been enriched with spa water.