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The Mud
algae, micro-organisms, clay

The mud is defined as "hyperthermal or hyperthermalized mud, deriving from the mixing of a solid component (organic and/or inorganic clay) with mineral water (salso-bromo-iodic) and used in medical practice as a pack".
It has been demonstrated that, in order to enable the hot mud pack to achieve the standing of a pharmacological compost, it must go through a process defined as "maturing", during which the mud is gradually enriched with organic substances derived from the metabolism of the particular microbic flora of the Euganean Basin which modify the chemical and chemophysical structure of the clay, turning it into "mature mud" and guaranteeing optimum therapeutic effects.
The liquid component, that is the hyperthermal salso-bromo-iodic water, plays a very important role in the maturing process since its temperature and chemical components influence the development of its typical microflora.
It is therefore impossible to expect therapeutic results from mud that is not mature, or that has been taken from the Euganean Spas, dried and taken to distant countries, which has sometimes been attempted.

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