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  • Oratory of Our Lady: church of the XVIII century, built on the spot where previously existed a church of the XII century, the only part now remaining being the tower.
  • St. Peter and St Paul's Cathedral - The building is recent (1948-1963); it is located on a small hill, yet this is enough to make it visible from afar. It is also unmistakeable thanks to its characteristic green dome made of copper. Frescoes and sculptures enrich the church: important is the Via Crucis realised by A. Murer.
  • Berta's Tower - They are the remains of a tower belonging to a castle built in the XI century on the top of Monte Castello.
  • Villa Draghi - Today the villa is council property, built on the slope of Monte Alto it is a beautiful example of architecture from the XIX century. The garden that surrounds it is open to the public.
  • Butterfly Arc - Specimins of the biggest and most beautiful butterflies in the world fly freely in a tropical environment amongst the plants and flowers.

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