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AtEste, a town of ancient origins to the south of the Euganean Hills, owes its name to the Adige (Athesis) river which, until the end of the 6th century, passed right through it. Due to its favourable position on the banks of the river, it was a cultural centre for the Paleovenetian civilisation, precious testimonies of which can be found today at the National Atestino Museum. In the 5th century, it was probably destroyed by the Barbarians, to then be slowly reborn to become, in the middle of the 11th century, the seignory of a family to which it lent its name, that of the Estense.
The small town flourished and was fortified, but the period of bloody conflict which followed between the Carraresi and the Scaligeri (who fought for its control) resulted, in 1405, in Este being passed to the Venetian Republic. The happy and sad events of the period of that government led to its eventual inclusion in the Kingdom of Italy. The monument which characterises the little town is its mighty Castle, erected by Ubertino da Carrara in 1339 on the ruins of a manor house dating from 1050. Today, Este is the main town of a large agricultural area, also renowned for its creative artisan work in ceramics and the production of special types of glass.

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