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Lozzo Atestino is located at the foot of the mountain of the same name and represents one of the most ancient Paleoveneto settlements in the whole area. The economy of the Lozzo Atestino is fundamentally tied to agriculture; wheat, corn and orchards on the plains; especially vineyards on the lower hillside area. Things to see: The church of Saints Leonzio and Carpoforo, which contains a ceiling decorated with an immense fresco, work of the Tiepolo school, and the eighteenth century villa Lando-Correr.
The latter was created on the location of a medieval castle which, together with that of Valbona, defended the Paduan territory from the people of Vicenza. The Carrarese castle of Valbona, a jewel of military engineering, is the only one in the whole of the territory of Padua which has remained intact. Lithic instruments (scrapers, arrow points) discovered on the southern plateaux testify to the presence of man here in the Middle Paleolithic period. On the same plateaux, as on the Pegorile, traces of huts and fireplaces have been found, as well as a necropolis dating from the late Bronze Age and referable to the first signs of the Paleoveneto civilisation.

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