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The name of Monselice, delightful locality in the Euganean Hills in the Veneto region probably derives from Mons-silicis, referring to the type of stone which, since ancient times, had been extracted from the surrounding hills and used for paving the streets. The first historical records go back to the Bronze Age and, given the special defensive function assumed by the town since the ancient Roman period, the Lombards established their "stronghold" here.
As time passed, Monselice took on political importance as well as a military aspect which has earned it, today, its inclusion amongst the walled towns of the Veneto region; but the moment of its greatest splendour and wealth began as from the 15th century, when it was to become part of the Venetian Republic and became the favourite location of many noble families, amongst which the Marcello, the Pisani and the Contarini who decided to build their residences here. In the following centuries, as well as considerably developing and enriching its artistic beauties, industrial activities also developed here, leading to its being an important reference point for the commerce of the Lower Po Valley. The most characteristic feature of the town is the imposing Torirone (Fortress), erected in 1239at the wish of Frederick II of Swabia, and which rises up on the summit of the hill and means that Monselice can be recognised even from a distance of a number of kilometres.

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