The evocative hall of the Hotel Villa Gasparini with its red velvets, amongst art, history and the aroma of coffee and biscuits, lets you enjoy the good morning time shrouded in the flaming colours and in Elsa's careful attention. On warm days you can sit in the small patio in the garden for a refreshing break, accompanied by the scent of flowers and, if you so wish, fine Italian wine.
The owner's restoration of the villa by architect Riccardo Gasparini has brought its brilliant architecture back to life with a reinterpretation that respects its noble origins to recreate a splendor that represents attention to detail and to modernity.
The Hotel Villa Gasparini is a historic hotel situated in Dolo, a small town along the Riviera del Brenta, 15 km away from Venice and Padua. Can easily be reached thanks to a convenient and frequent public bus connection. Villa Gasparini was built in the 18th century by the Venetian family carrying the same name as a summer country house. At the time, well-to-do people enjoyed spending the summer in their elegant abodes at the gates of Venice, known as villas, in a relaxing landscape amongst parks, fields and the river.
Following various events through the centuries, by a whim of fate, Villa Gasparini came back into the hands of the descendants, who renovated the building, turning it into a hotel. Hotel guests can therefore consider themselves guests of the Gasparini family and will be welcomed in an unconventional, very intimate environment, surrounded by the echoes of splendour and by memories of the past.
One of the rooms of the Hotel Villa Gasparini will offer you what suits you best, whether you are on a romantic escapade, enjoying a cultural city-break, on a work trip or traveling with your family.