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There are many means attributed to the origins of the term Dolo. Somebody support that a time it was place where they came accommodates the sinners while others assert that it has origins from the last names of the families Dauli or Dotto. Thanks to the taverns, the flour mills and the typically characteristic center the country has caught up one great notoriety above all in the last periods. To see Palazzo Ferretti and Villa Bon in venetian style.
The fractions of Dolo are: the archaeological city of Sambruson and Arino. The historical corteo of the Brenta carries out second Sunday of september inseme to the extension of the handicraft is one of the attended events more to Dolo. The Common ones nearly are: Mira, Foss, Camponogara, Pianiga, Fiesso d'Artico, Campagna Lupia.

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