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Fiesso d'Artico is a small town on the left bank of the Brenta Naviglio canal, halfway between Padua and Venice. In the past, the town was called simply Fiesso, (Flexo or Flexum), that is, curved, referring to the loop-like division, formed here by the river "Medoacus" (the present river Brenta). Later, the name Artico was added, in honour of Angelo Maria Artico, the mind behind the great diversion of the watercourse which was made necessary by the need to safeguard against flooding. Long ago, the town was an important religious centre due to the fact that its territory lay under the monastery of Sant'Ilario and was involved in the many wars and conflicts over the succession of the various signorias.
With the 15th century, the town passed definitively under the rule of the Venetian Republic. Under this administration, the towns territory was enriched by splendid villas (many of which are still in existence and inhabited), constructed by noblemen and rich Venetian merchants for their summer retreats. The connection between Venice and Fiesso was made by a boat called "Burchiello", a true, floating living room. Today, Fiesso d'Artico is one of the most interesting stretches of the Brenta Riviera, an area known throughout the world for its beauty and abundance of works of art. The shoe industry, born immediately following the last War, occupies an important sector of the areas production. In the sixties, this sector was developed and enlarged, taking on the characteristics of quality and style which still make it stand out on an international level.

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