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Seven are the towns situated in the Land of the Tiepolos (Mirano, Noale, Salzano, Santa Maria di Sala, Spinea, Scorz, Martellago) and these are included in the Mirano area. The Mirano area is rich in villas with parks, castles and green landscapes.
We could define the Mirano area as "The Tiepolo lands" because that celebrated family of artists is an example of the longing for the light and the silence of the countryside, and for its fertile landscape. What remains of the work of the Tiepolo, is their great country house at Zianigo, the frescoes of the parish church of Mirano by Giambattista Tiepolo, the altarpiece and the ceiling by Giandomenico in the church at Zianigo, and one other fresco nearby in Villa Bianchini.

Famous demesnes - Like noble chesspieces set out on the green chessboard of Mirano, the sixty or so great country houses of the Veneto are part of a marvellous cultural heritage of architecture, history and art, which in the magic name of Venice, ennobles the whole area. Built mainly between 1600 and 1700, the patrician villas are grouped around Spinea, Mirano, Campocroce, Zianigo, Santa Maria di Sala, and Noale. They bear the names of the Houses of the Serenissima like Bembo, Barbarigo, Ca' da Mosto, Giustinian, Grimani, Loredan, Michiel, Mocenigo, and Morosini. In time, the names of new proprietors were added to these. Travellers who set out to take pleasure in discovering "minor" aspects of the Veneto will be drawn to this splendid art heritage. Especially outstanding among them are the XXV Aprile and Belvedere villas at Mirano, open to the local public and visitors from afar attracted by the beauty of the parks and the cultural events. Between the two villas is the Castelletto, a romantic folly built in the 19th century, now open after extensive restoration work. And there is the Molino di Sotto, the lower mill, an example of industrial archaeology. At Zianigo, Villa Tiepolo is not only where the family of great painters used to sojourn in summer but where Giandomenico carried out a cycle of frescoes now on view in Ca' Rezzonico in Venice. At Salzano there is the Villa Romanin-Jacur with its park open to the public. At Santa Maria di Sala, Villa Farsetti towers at the bottom of a meadow; it is almost a rococo castle, where festivities and exhibitions are held. At Martellago, on the terrain behind Villa Grimani Morosini there is the renowned Golf Club Ca' della Nave, the only one in the Mirano area. And there are also real castles - like the castle of the Tempesta at Noale, a testimony of the Veneto in medieval times and now a precious architectonic relic; and the castle of Stigliano whose towers were demolished following the War of Cambrai. Today these buildings - once demesnes of powerful families - are part of the public cultural patrimony, and every visitor is considered a guest.
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