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The landscape of Mirano predominantly consists of farming areas and small towns. As such it was conceived by the Romans two thousand years ago when they drew the outline of the great work of engineering that we call the Roman Grid or Decumano (one of the two main road axes in a Roman camp), because a special feature of the land here is a subdivision into large plots that date from the Roman epoch; this also involved diverting some of the minor waterways, 'aligning' them with the roads. This amazing engineering work subjugated the land and moulded it into a form that has resisted throughout a long period of history. The effects of this territorial planning can still be seen today, many centuries later, simply by passing along the straight roads, particularly those in the territory of Santa Maria di Sala. When they took control of the medieval divisions and begun their expansion on the mainland, the Venetians for their part undertook great hydraulic works in the most depressed areas, again modifying the Mirano landscape by diverting two rivers - the Muson at Mirano and the Brenta at Dolo. But they did more. By reclaiming the terrain that had degraded into marshland, they were able to make it fertile once more. Newcomers arriving from Venice settled in the terrotiry and developed its agriculture: there was soon a flourishing trade in farm produce. This pastoral ambience is still evident today and is why the lands of the Tiepolo are so well loved by those who live here and those who come for the first time to discover its quiet charm.
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