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San Giovanni Lupatoto is located to the south of Verona and of San Martino Buon Albergo, to the north of Oppeano and of Buttapietra, to the west of Zevio and to the east, again of Buttapietra and Verona. The origin of the toponym "Lupatoto" is still uncertain today. For some scholars, it derives from a small plant called "Lupia", for others from "Lova", a land covered with underbrush, or from "Lucus totus", meaning all woodland. The populations resident in the area of San Giovanni Lupatoto and, more generally in the Veneto region, have origins which go back to ancient times.
Relics of prehistoric habitations have been brought to light in the past at Ca' dei Fr, to the south of Raldon, an area reached by the swampland of the Vallese, and which stretched so far indeed, as to constitute one of the widest lake-dweller areas in the province of Verona. The territory is mostly flatland, although, in a relatively limited space, there is a fairly wide range of landscapes characterised by gentle slopes and picturesque escarpments.

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