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San Pietro in Cariano is a known country situated to the center of the territory of Valpolicella. Besides the capital is formed from other five fractions, these are: Pedemonte, San Floriano, Corrubbio, Castelrotto and Bure. The Pieve of San Floriano is the most important element of San Pietro in Cariano to visit; from the artistic and historical point of view even if the best gratification for the country are the villas and residences patricians spreads in the country and on the hills.
Some examples are: Villa Serego to Sana Sofia of Pedemonte, realized on project of the Palladio, Galtarossa to San Pietro in Cariano, Villa Giona, Villa Fumanelli to San Floriano and much more.

The territory of Pedemonte occupies the northernmost part of the Astico valley. It borders with the Trentino region and still preserves the mark of its culture, in its buildings and in the customs and language of its population, having been, up until 1918, part of the South Tyrol in the Hapsburg Empire. The municipality is composed of a number of villages which, in their unspoilt centres, such as the eighteenth century Scalzeri, offer glimpses of picturesque images which transform when one turns into an alleyway, or which, when taking a passageway, one exits into a small courtyard to be overwhelmed by the cascades of green and red geraniums hanging from the windows and galleries. In Pedemonte, a visit to the villa Santa Sofia is recommended; it was built in 1565 by Andrea Palladio under the commission of Marcantonio Sergo who had married Ginevra Alighieri, a descendent of Dante's.

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