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The first settlements in the Berici Hills area date back to the mid Palaeolithic era (the Broion grotto at Lumignano is dated around 45,000 years ago) while in Arcugnano's actual territory the first traces of human settlements were found in the Fimon Valley and date back to 4,000 years BC during the Neolithic period. Of great Palaeolithic interest therefore are the stone finds, discovered in the localities of Foindo Tomellero, Pascolone (north of the lake) and Molino Casarotto at Valdemarca, and those dating Bronze Age (3rd and 2nd century BC) related to sites at Capitello (Lago) and Monte Crocetta (Torri).
However, there are no traces of Roman settlements in the area, contrary to what one may believe, as the place-name seems to derive from the Latin "Fundus Arconianus" or Arconio's landed estate. The first recorded documents regarding the Fimon Valley date 9th century and refer to the diverse jurisdictions over the territory between the local Municipality and Vicenza and Barbarano ecclesiastic authorities. An important document exists to this regard, a Papal Privilege from Pope Urbano III to the Bishop Pistore and the Cathedral's canons.

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