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Soave lies halfway between Verona and Vicenza and is situated between the Illasi Valley and the Alpone Valley. It still maintains today the original medieval structure. The historic centre surrounded by the fencing walls extending from the castle. All around you can see green hills, principally cultivated with vines, and a river (called Tramigna) that runs along the town walls. Arriving in Soave by the main entrance called Porta Verona (in the south of the town), you can have an immediate perception of how beautiful Soave is, dominated by an imposing castle and completely surrounded by walls topped by both Ghibelline and Guelf battlements.
Soave is dotted with 24 massive towers, each of which in the past had, a passage in order to reach an overhang from where the guards could control and defend the town from enemies. Only three towers, today, permit you to enter into the town: Porta Verona, Porta Aquila (in the north) and Porta Vicentina (in the east).

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