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A rich, generous territory where vapour-shrouded springs from deep aquifers are set against the green of the Parco Naturale dei Colli Euganei (Natural Park of the Euganean Hills). Rich in geothermal energy, meteoric waters leave natural springs at a constant temperature of about 87C, and are a unique, incomparable thermal resource. The history of the Euganean SPA area dates as far back as the 6th and 5th centuries B.C. - from the worship of the god Aponus and his curative virtues, to the imperial palace and patrician homes, and the literary suggestiveness of the mythical Oracle of Geryon. With the passing of hundreds or even thousands of years, what was a rural area in the early 20th century is now one of the most important 21st-century thermal basins in Europe. The Italian Ministry of Welfare has granted all the thermal baths of the Euganean Thermal Basin the highest level of qualification. Many elements have contributed to this - love and respect for this good and fruitful land, rigorous water control, and awareness of the essential need to protect nature. Much has already been done by the Centro Studi Termali Veneto "Pietro dAbano", the scientific organization which, with competence and a deep sense of commitment, guarantees the high quality of the thermal waters used for therapeutic purposes. The main aim of the Centro Studi is research into thermal medicine, both by studying the "raw materials" - water, algae and mud - and by monitoring the effects of mud treatment. The Centro Studi Termali Veneto "Pietro d'Abano" also aims at providing an increasingly qualified service, and thus operates and collaborates with other public and private institutions (universities and research institutions) working in the scientific and health fields. Together, they devise plans, sometimes supported by scholarships and research grants, Primary research activity is now devoted to three main scientific lines: clinical, biological and physical-chemical. The Centro Studi not only ensures that thermal medicine emerges from its age-old empirical condition, but also that it meets growing demands for health and wellbeing - that is, not only the absence of diseases or their symptoms, but also a full life in ideal physical and psychic equilibrium.
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