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Europe's largest and oldest spa complex is located right in the middle of the Veneto plain, just a short way from the green, rolling countryside of the Euganean Hills. The effectiveness of the treatments in the Euganean SPA area was already known as long ago as the seventh-sixth century B.C., as is shown by the archaeological finds that may be admired in the Museum at Este. The Spas were also of great importance during Roman times, when special baths were built around natural lakes in which patients could be immersed in hot water and mud. This is confirmed by the remains of the Roman baths at Montegrotto, as well as by many mentions in literature by Latin writers (Pliny, Suetonius, Martial, Livy, Lucretius).
The fame of the Spas continued throughout the Middle Ages and in later centuries right up to the present day: the therapeutic properties of the spa treatments, together with the nearness of towns rich in history, beauty and culture, attracted visitors of the calibre of Petrarch, Shakespeare, Goethe, Mozart. You will be astonished by the wonderfully beneficial effects of what is one of the areas most special features: its mud. And at the same time, you will be enamoured by the opportunities on hand to enjoy yourself: from sport to nature, from gastronomy to colture, the Euganean SPA provide endless chances to rediscover the taste of a holiday which is good for both the body and mind.
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